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The customers you acquire through referrals are your best customers. How do we know? We've examined the data from Extole customers that use our referral marketing platform and from independent academic research to draw a holistic picture of The Referred Customer. It identifies the 6 key reasons why referred customers are best. Here's the skinny:
What gives refer-a-friend programs their acquisition power? Personal, compelling share messages that come from people we know. (Worldwide, 84% of people say they trust recommendations from friends more than any other type of advertising.) To illustrate the three most common types of share messages and why they're effective, let's consider three referra
What exactly is the advocate funnel? How do you affect multi-step conversions with referrals? What's the term for a referral program's ability to sustain itself through new customers' sharing? How is referral marketing different from affiliate marketing? To fully understand referral marketing and how it relates to what matters in digital marketing right now, you need ...
So, you’ve mastered your mobile CTAs. You have them in all the right places: the Account Page, after the Aha! Moment, and the In-App banner, to name our favorites. Your customers know where your referral program lives, and they know where to find it. Now what? Once they share, what’s going to keep them sharing? Here are three more hot tips to keep your ad...
The pushback that marketers can encounter when they want to add and update tags on their site — it can be the biggest source of workplace frustration after the coworker who always leaves her lunch dishes in the break room sink and the one who always skips his turn to make coffee. Having a tag management solution (TMS) like Ensighten or Tealium