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  • Jen Gray
  • Aug 21, 2015
Referrals have been around for longer than we realize. It is in our human nature to refer friends, family...even people we may not be close with...to a brand, product, service, or something we just love. So if referrals happen all around us, how do you stand out from the crowd and turn them into a genuine acquisition channel?
Are referred customers better customers? Yes. They feature higher NPS scores, higher lifetime value, higher AOV, higher likelihood to refer, lower likelihood to churn, and higher profitability than other customers. And on top of that, every advocate who refers gives your brand an NPS of 10.
There are so many points along the customer journey when you can delight advocates and acquire new customers with a well-placed call to refer a friend. With digital occupying so much of marketers' minds, it's easy to think about placements on your website or in your social media stream. Those are important. You need them. But there's a ton of opportunity you can take ...
  • Jen Gray
  • Jul 31, 2015
Just this week during our Omnichannel Referrals for the Modern Marketer webinar, we unveiled the Extole Referral API and showcased some amazing customer experiences brands have been building with it. We answered questions like "How do you drive engagement and create high-value customers at every stage of the customer journey?" (Through referrals, of course!) Don't fr...
Children's apparel retailer Hanna Andersson has been driving remarkable sales and customer acquisition success through its refer-a-friend program, as Chris Duskin reveals in a new piece over at Total Retail.