And A Social Network is Born

Last week we discussed the release of some significant social networking services, includingGoogle+. Google’s new network allows users to categorize friends into “Circles,” assemble spontaneous video chats called “Hangouts,” and post comments, articles and various forms of media to specific “Streams” (public, to designated Circles or just 1-to-1). Much discussion is happening on Google+, which already has an estimated 5-10M users (and the morning just after this post, Apple reported that it became the top free app in the AppStore within 24 hours of going live there).

Currently the reports claim that the majority of early adopters are male. But there is a consensus that the service is poised for high growth and early usage may not be a fair indicator of what future usage among a broader audience may look like.

What’s clear is that the kinks are being worked out. Even Captain Kirk got booted from the service this week. Just two days ago, William Shatner tweeted:

“My Google+ account was flagged for violating standards. Saying hello to everyone apparently is against the rules maybe I should say goodbye?”

Fortunately, TechCrunch reports that the Cap’n is now back up on G+. He’s likely ahead of most other brands, who have been advised by Google to hold off until it adds features that support brand rather than individual objectives. Until then, we’ll keep monitoring the Command Center to make sure our clients know how to reach their customers and prospects.

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