Extole is Helping to Build the Future of Social Next Month. Are You In?

Here at Extole we’re passionate about Social.We’ve helped so many brands ignite their advocate base, and ultimately improve their entire customer experience through Consumer to Consumer (C2C) social marketing programs.  Our CEO and Founder, Brad Klaus, just wrote about this on the Pivot blog: 3 Reasons Why Brands are Investing in Customer Advocate Campaigns.Social Media Conferences are a dime a dozen, but the second we heard about PivotCon, we knew Extole wanted a seat at the table.  It may have been the conference’s “Story Arc” or Pivot producer Brian Solis’s heavily vetted speaker list of Business All-Stars (seriously…GM, SAP, Buzzfeed, And Tumblr?! ), but when the producers approached us about a Platinum Sponsorship and Social Week Partnership, we were thrilled.Pivot’s bottom-line is to do in two days what we work towards every day: helping businesses leverage the power of social marketing technology to improve the company at large.  The conference will explore ways to convert conversations into actionable insights – a topic we’ve built our entire social advocacy platform around.Pivot agenda sessions are evocative and engaging, including topics such as:

  • Competing for the Future – Open Innovation
  • The Dim Light At The End of the Funnel – The New Dynamic Customer Journey
  • UX is the RX – Steering User Experiences Toward Desirable Outcomes
  • Big Data Unleashes Human Creativity

As you can tell, it’s going to be a powerful two days.  And if you haven’t reserved your seat, you should move quickly.  Our readers even score an extra 30% off when using this LINK to register.Check out this video of Brian Solis talking about this year’s Pivot:We hope to see you there!

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