New Relic Optimizes Its Extole Social Referral Program for Success

New Relic, a leading Web Application Performance Management Tool, partnered with Extole in January 2012 to launch a social referral program that would reward its passionate fan base for their loyalty to the brand and also get them to spread the word about New Relic and drive sign-ups. 

After the program’s initial launch, New Relic and Extole realized it needed a different offer structure to resonate with New Relic’s unique developer audience. The new offer structure needed to creatively, rather than monetarily, appeal to the audience. After digging into the New Relic audience and their likes and interests, the offer now gives advocates “data nerd” t-shirts when a friend signs up and deploys the New Relic agent into their app. Friends who deploy the app receive RC helicopters. Within days of adjusting the offer structure, there was a massive spike in participation, validating that the new offer structure was more appealing to the New Relic audience.

Two weeks after adjusting the offer, the New Relic social referral program saw great results – identifying over 400 brand advocates who shared the program over Facebook, Twitter, email and personal URLs (PURLs), and driving156 new sign-ups with a 28% higher average order value (AOV).

At Extole, we have worked with over 250 brands and agencies to help them launch successful Consumer-to- Consumer (C2C) social marketing programs. From these programs, we have taken our Best Practices learned and we apply them to every program we launch. We constantly optimize, adjust and update our programs to ensure their effectiveness, much like we did with New Relic. To view the full New Relic case study, please click HERE.

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