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So many people interact with your brand each day: there's everyone who visits your site...everyone who sees your messaging...and of course everyone who purchases your products or services. Your brand may not be right for everyone who encounters it, but chances are everyone knows someone who's right for your brand. This is why referral marketing is such an effective ac...
It's 2015 and referral marketing is no longer an up-and-coming acquisition channel. It's a critical one. Your customers already refer your brand and products to their friends. Instead of letting that acquisition opportunity pass you by, use referral marketing to control, optimize, and scale these referrals just like you do with search. Marketers are already doing thi...
What better way to start off the new year than with a bonus? Over the holidays we showcased several referral programs that caught our eye. Here's a bonus look at one more well-designed program. This one is from the web-based photo sharing and printing service
This week we continue looking at well-designed referral programs that have caught our eye. Here's the program from British clothing retailer Boden. Boden sells womenswear, menswear and childrenswear internationally, via the web and mail order.
We're taking a look at beautiful, well-designed referral programs. Here's one that's caught our eye lately: Shyp.