The Rise of Influencer Relationships – Extole Joins the Dialogue on SMAC Panel During Internet Week

Smack dab in the middle of Internet Week, SMAC (Social Media Advertising Consortium) hosted a breakfast panel sponsored by Extole, PivotCon, Skyword and Vitrue at the farm-to-table restaurant in NYC, Friend of a Farmer. Brands, agencies, social media thought-leaders and technology providers alike gathered around the table on May 16th to learn more about the “Rise Of Influencer Relationships.” It was a packed house, and you could feel the excitement of everyone in the crowd, anticipating the interactive and informative panel.

Extole’s CEO, Brad Klaus, was on the panel and was accompanied by Reggie Bradford, CEO of Vitrue, Marcy Cohen, VP Social & User Engagement at MasterCard Worldwide and Karen Robinovitz, Co-founder/Chief Creative Officer of Digital Brand Architects. Nichole Goodyear, the Executive Director of SMAC, moderated the panel. The panel addressed how top brands are managing their Influencer Relationships from both a paid and social media perspective across all social channels, including brands own websites.  Nichole kicked off the panel by describing what influencers are and today’s categories, explaining, “Influencers typically fall in press, paid (bloggers/paid influencers), super fans/advocates (where Extole plays) and likers/followers.” 

Super fans and advocates, as an influencer type, was one of the more popular topics as it tied into earlierInternet Week discussions around the power of the consumer. As part of the discussion, Brad stressed the importance of tapping into brand advocates to launch Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) social marketing programs that enable brands to grow their advocacy base, amplify awareness and maximize social marketing results. Consumers have more influence and power than ever before and brands haven taken note – looking for strategic partnerships to help them harness the power of their consumers.

Another hot topic was Facebook Open Graph, and what it means for marketers and the brands they represent. Brad also weighed in on this, stating, “Facebook Open Graph is a game changer and will lead to a huge shift in how marketers look at their websites.” With consumers at the forefront, and Open Graph allowing brands to gain valuable insight into their consumers, it is no wonder it will change the way we market.

All in all, it was a great Internet Week Breakfast and Extole was honored to be in the company of such amazing panelists. We look forward to the future of marketing and to helping brands tap into the power of their advocates to launch incredibly powerful and successful social media initiatives.  

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