Tips for Scoring Conversion Slam Dunks

In an era when SEO is Business 101, every page of your website should be optimized to turn visitors into buyers. So a referral from a friend that gets a shopper right to the product page should be the easiest basket you sink all game…right? Just turn on a referral widget and you’re done? Not so fast. Here are three simple tips to ensure you turn referral alley-oops from customers into conversion slam dunks.

Tip 1: Take the assist

When your customer’s friend shows up, make those first seconds count by popping a personalized greeting over your content that has all the right details—your mutual friend’s name; instructions for what to do next; and, if you are giving coupons, a unique promo code. Extole programs make this easy. Just turn on the Friend Welcome Popup and we’ll handle these details.

Extole referral marketing friend welcome popup

You’ve got second chances on the court, and the same holds true here. If your first-attempt offer or copy misses the target, don’t give up. You can rebound with optimized messaging in seconds. Remember that messaging, along with all aspects of the friend welcome pop-up, are controlled through the admin, not your development queue.

It works! Customers that use the Friend Welcome Popup feature increase their conversions by over 3%.

Tip 2: Take the quickest route to the basket

The more you leave to chance, the more opportunity a determined defender (or a distracted potential customer) has to ruin your highlight-reel dreams. Put the ball as close to the basket as possible for your customer’s friend by applying the discount code in their cart at checkout in addition to showing them the code on the Friend Welcome Popup. This way, even if they mishandle the pass and forget to copy their code when they land on your site, the ball is waiting on the rim for them to stuff it in.

Tip 3: Keep score

When you send the conversion to Extole we can update your dashboard to help you quickly assess the ROI of your program — all you need to do is give us a little info. Include the amount your new customer spent, an average subscription value, or another indicator of your newly acquired customer’s value when you send us the conversion. We’ll crunch the numbers. After all, it’s a lot easier to know you’ve won when you can see the scoreboard.