Unlock the Secrets of Ultimate Referral Marketing with Extole’s New Guide

It is no secret that word of mouth (WOM) can be an incredibly effective marketing tool. However, the best practices for how to harness this tool remain a mystery to most marketers. With referral marketing programs, brands can tap into the power of their consumer advocates to drive WOM recommendations, which result in an increase in awareness and sales. Consumers are sharing more online than ever before, providing brands with the opportunity to foster trusted recommendations and drive measurable marketing ROI. 

To unlock the secrets of effective referral marketing programs, Extole has put together this Ultimate Guide to share best practices for harnessing the power of customer advocates along with case studies to demonstrate real-life examples and results. 

Extole’s Ultimate Guide to Referral Marketing covers:

Referral marketing is a critical part of a brand’s core marketing strategy. As online sharing continues to increase, brands have an enormous new opportunity to turn their brand advocates into marketers on their behalf. 

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