Infographic: Promoting Referrals for Stronger Mobile Acquisition

Need to find an acquisition solution for mobile? This new Extole infographic will help.

Infographic header - promoting referral programs

Click the image or here for the full infographic.

According to a recent BI Intelligence report (subscription required), consumers now spend most of their Internet time on mobile devices. That means new challenges for marketers who need to reach those consumers: low CPMs, more intrusive ads, and a fractured platform landscape. Luckily, when it comes to conquering a new landscape, savvy marketers can reach for a tried-and-true tool: referral marketing.

In this new MarketingProfs article and a brand-new infographic from Extole, Chris Duskin discusses how smarter referral program execution and optimization make your referral program into a purring acquisition engine to crack the mobile code. And one of the most important keys to optimizing referral programs is promoting them effectively. This includes a power-packed kickoff, always-on campaigns across key online and offline platforms, retargeting, and episodic campaigns.

With the right promotional support, your referral program can reach the point where it’s fueling itself with high-value customers: 21% of referral customers share referrals themselves.

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