ZoneAlarm Sees 48 Percent Conversion Rate with its Extole-powered Social Referral Program

Who knew it was cool to talk about firewalls? ZoneAlarm by Check Point Software Technologies launched its new ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall on May 1st. As part of its overall marketing strategy, ZoneAlarm partnered with Extole to launch a social referral program to help support the launch of The Ultimate Free Internet Security Suite. In just under two weeks, the Extole program has driven over 82,000 installations of the new product by facilitating authentic sharing messages among friends.  On average, advocates participating in the program are sharing it with five of their friends.  Most noteworthy, ZoneAlarm is seeing a 48% conversion rate, a testament to the referral program and to the fact that consumers trust their friends.   

Here is what some ZoneAlarm advocates are saying,“Ranked the best in the industry… I believe this new product will make me happy,” exclaimed Herb.  Nancy also chimed in, stating, “Cameron loaded this ZoneAlarm on my computer, and it’s awesome.”   

No telling what people will talk about if given the right opportunity, and the referral program makes sharing so easy.  The pick up line?  ZoneAlarm is offering One Free Year of Internet Security Suite for five successful “friend” installations.  In addition, ZoneAlarm also has sweepstakes element that gives participants the chance to win a free iPad2.  ZoneAlarm’s marketing initiatives extend beyond its referral program, but Extole is a key tenant of the broader strategy. And yet, the power lies in that synergy.  Check Point’s high quality software, and Extole’s accessible sharing platform, gives people a lot to talk about. 

You can check out the program HERE.

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