a word about extole:

Our Executives

Ten years ago, a small, fairly obsessed team kicked off a revolution in online marketing by developing Offermatica, the first real-time testing and targeting platform. The team — led by Matt Roche — created a platform that freed marketers from the constraints of IT. Today that platform, now known as Adobe Target, delivers billions of impressions a month. It has inspired products from Google, Optimizely, and Monetate.

At Extole, a similarly obsessed team has come together, intent on leading the next marketing revolution as they led the testing revolution. Our goal is to create an indispensable marketing platform, the “Third Channel” for online marketers. Extole has assembled a world-class engineering team and the most experienced account team in referral marketing. Our platform makes it possible for marketers to go beyond paid search and SEO — to imagine a world where they can amplify the passion of their own members and loyal base to acquire new, passionate, paying customers.

Our Investors


Norwest Venture Partners has been investing in entrepreneurs for over half a century. Today, the firm manages more than $5 billion in capital and enjoys an enviable track record for producing impressive investment returns through various capital market environments. Norwest has helped grow over 575 companies since its inception. Jeff Crowe from Norwest is an Extole board member.


Redpoint Ventures, founded in 1999, specializes in partnering with visionary founders intent on creating new markets or redefining existing ones. The Redpoint team has helped many enterprises transform their industries, including Netflix, TiVo, HomeAway, Fortinet, Heroku, Juniper, RightMedia, Zimbra, and LifeSize. Chris Moore represents Redpoint on the Extole board.


Scale Venture Partners (ScaleVP) invests in early-in-revenue technology companies in the SaaS, Cloud and Mobile sectors. ScaleVP’s passion and expertise is in helping entrepreneurs scale their business and grow into long-term companies that matter. ScaleVP has $1B in assets under management and is investing its fourth fund. Stacey Bishop serves on the Extole board.


Shasta Ventures is a boutique, early-stage venture firm in Silicon Valley. The firm invests in disruptive approaches to enterprise and consumer technology. To date, these include cloud computing, SaaS, enterprise software, consumer services, marketplaces, commerce, mobile and networked devices.


Trident invests in companies across multiple stages of growth and has raised $1.9 billion of capital since its founding in 1993. The firm’s areas of expertise are software, IT security, Internet and mobility, healthcare IT, and business services. In 2013, the firm marked two decades of successful investing throughout North America.