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Blazing the Trail in Customer Engagement: At Extole, We Are Setting the Bar Higher with Exceptional Insights and Next-Level Thought Leadership.

Trusted by thousands of marketers building personalized Customer Engagement programs across every channel

Extole’s mission is to enable marketers to drive revenue by activating their customers

We have a passion for engaging consumers with the brands they love and a relentless drive to provide tools that connect marketers with these customers. We will be satisfied with nothing less than a revolution in marketing where customers are in the center and media companies are useful supplements, where we care as much about rewarding the brand-building activity of people who love us as we do about bidding on keywords or buying social media.

Extole pioneered Customer-led Growth (CLG), the strategy of putting your customers and account holders at the center of your marketing to deliver higher quality customers at a lower CAC. We learned through thousands of campaigns what delights people,  draws them closer, and makes them more loyal. CLG is a real, highly-disciplined go-to-market approach that will transform the way you build your customer base.

Fueling Brand Value Through Customer Activity​

We firmly believe that the brands of the future will be measured by the level of activity within their customer base. Our platform is meticulously designed with a relentless focus on reducing friction and maximizing customer engagement. As a result, we have achieved remarkable success in generating a vast volume of referrals for our esteemed clientele.​

Powered by Passion and Backed by Excellence​

Behind our success is an exceptional team that exudes passion and dedication to our shared vision. We foster a values-driven culture, championing intense collaboration under our central tenet: #OneTeam. Additionally, our journey is supported by an exceptional group of investors and their funds, including Norwest, Red Point, Scale, Shasta, and Trident.​

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If you're seeking a vibrant and welcoming work environment, look no further! At Extole, you'll find a generous, friendly team that shares a deep passion for our work. Life at Extole is a rewarding experience, complemented by excellent benefits.

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Join us at Extole and experience the future of marketing through customer activation and authentic engagement. Let's embark on this journey together and create lasting success for your brand.

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