Gift suggestions to engage your customers

Create a more on-brand and purpose-built gifting capability that is superior to relying on generic and often ignored product sharing buttons. Enjoy faster, easier, and more personal gift suggestions.

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Easy implementation

Using product information and imagery readily available on your product detail page, Drop-a-Hint programs powered by Extole can be implemented in practically no-time thanks to a complete and beautiful experience with no custom development required!

More participation, higher conversion than registries

Sending (and receiving) a link to a wish list often feels like too much. That’s why it doesn’t happen very much. When your customer can send a gift suggestion and personal note in a beautiful card-like email, you’re helping create a targeted experience that gift-giver and gift-recipient both appreciate. And marketers appreciate an ecommerce capability that gets used and site traffic that converts.

Extole’s Drop-a-Hint is easy for everyone to use with no learning curve to slow adoption. Even the best registries and wish lists can be tedious, discouraging, and cumbersome. Not Drop-a-Hint!

On-brand images, not just links, for awareness and acquisition

When someone uses Drop-a-Hint, they’re not just sending a link. They send your beautiful on-brand product images and a personal note. Gift givers land right back on your product detail page. As a marketer, you’re creating a more on-brand and purpose-built capability than generic and ignored product sharing buttons.

By encouraging gift suggestions, your brand reaches prospects who may not know about you at all. A gift giver buys for someone else but maybe for herself too – after all, friends and family tend to like the same brands and products!

Success stories

Drop-a-hint: a great fit for an iconic brand


The drop-a-hint program during holiday was such a huge success that the RevZilla marketing team kept the drop-a-hint CTAs on their product detail pages as an evergreen program where existing customers can give gift ideas for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Graduation, and more. The program generates thousands of gift suggestions and delivers a 20% conversion rate.

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