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Our referral marketing technology lets marketers easily launch, measure, and optimize refer-a-friend programs.

Extole Amazing Customer Experiences

Amazing consumer experiences

If the user experience of your refer-a-friend program is poor, no one will share or convert.

Make refer-a-friend a seamless part of your brand. Your program, our platform.

  • Pre-built sharing templates–they look and work great on mobile, on the web, or in-app
  • Completely custom refer-a-friend experiences to perfectly match your brand
  • Personalized share codes
  • Streamlined friend experiences for the most conversions
  • Complete localization
Extole Segments

Automatic influencer segments

Finding influencers and the people who matter to your brand doesn’t have to be a chore.

The people who refer their friends are your best advocates. And, customers acquired by referral are your best customers. With Extole, you know exactly who they are.

  • Real-time segments of top sharers, biggest influencers, and revenue drivers
  • Automatic discovery of likely advocates
  • Profile enrichment from social sources for closer connections
  • Share message feeds and easy exports
Extole Instant rewards and fraud protection

Instant rewards and fraud protection

Your customers expect rewards quickly, not at the end of the month or after you’ve reconciled the spreadsheets. And with rewards, one size doesn’t fit all.

Real-time reward delivery–instant gratification drives participation. Use Extole to reward for quality, stop fraud.

  • Coupons, loyalty points, gift cards, international reward options, and more
  • Multiple campaigns to give different rewards to different audiences
  • Reward rules to protect margin, stop fraud
Complete analytics, immediate optimization

Complete analytics, immediate optimization

Without great analytics, proven industry benchmarks, and our proprietary insights, optimizing a refer-a-friend program is a massive challenge.

Immediately know your program performance and where you should optimize it. You’re in control–make promotion, email, and sharing experience changes quickly and easily.

  • Program dashboard–the complete picture of the revenue impact of referral
  • Proprietary scoring and benchmarking so you know how you stack up
  • Full-funnel analytics for each campaign–from promotion through conversion
  • Easy editing of creative and copy to make changes quickly
  • A/B testing to make smart decisions
Mobile app conversions

Mobile app conversions

Many of the most successful refer-a-friend programs are found in-app. SEO and SEM can’t drive download or conversion there. Refer-a-friend can do both.

Use our API to put your referral program in your mobile app for a sharing experience that makes sure your customers can refer and their friends can convert, everywhere.

  • APIs purpose-built for mobile app referrals
  • Deep linking–deliver a great consumer experience
  • Native device and social sharing
  • Integrations with leading app tracking solutions
Built-in Promotion

Built-in Promotion

Refer-a-friend programs don’t perform if you can’t promote them when and where your customers will refer.

Every customer touchpoint is an opportunity to market your referral program. Our platform makes it easy.

  • Inbound and outbound promotion for each campaign
  • Automatic source tracking connecting referral promotion to referral revenue
  • Outbound promotion with custom source tracking–perfect for email and printed materials
Powerful API

Powerful API

A refer-a-friend widget on your website is only the beginning. What happens when it’s time to scale?

Use our API to drive offline referrals and to power integration with employee and consumer-facing applications like your CRM, POS, and CMS platforms. Future-proofed refer-a-friend.

  • Purpose-built API for mobile-app refer-a-friend
  • APIs for promotion and sharing
  • Full creative API for custom user experiences
  • API-powered conversions and reward approval

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