Welcome Offer

Inspire new visitors to become high value customers

Deliver delightful landing experiences when first-time users visit your page.

Offer rewards or discounts the moment they land and encourage them to engage or share information.

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Strategic Promotion

Grab your visitors’ attention with an engaging call to action (CTA) in multiple, strategic locations across your landing page. Display rewards and discounts via an attractive overlay, banner, or pop-up.

High-Quality Sign-Ups

The Extole platform automatically analyzes each sign-up to ensure they meet your program requirements during the email capture experience. Successful sign-ups receive rewards like coupons or new account bonuses in their inbox within seconds.

Best-In-Class Fraud Protection

Extole’s comprehensive quality and reward rules functionality provides unparalleled protection guards against gaming and ensures your Welcome Offer program is only available to eligible new and prospective customers.

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Comprehensive Monitoring & Reporting

Your program dashboard displays crucial performance metrics such as views, clicks, CTRs, submit rate, conversion rate, and more. From here you gain insights to maximize your campaign results.

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