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Beautiful, On-brand Sharing

Make referral part of the customer journey by making it part of your brand – your fonts, colors, buttons, images.

  • Ready-to-use referral templates
  • No-code and low-code customizable referral content
  • Engaging mobile app and web designs
  • Personalized share codes and rewards
  • User-friendly referral process for easy sharing
  • Multilingual support for global brand reach

Reward Engines

Our real-time incentives drive engagement and increase shares. Plus, our integrated fraud protection safeguards your brand and profit margins.

  • Manage diverse rewards, both internal and external
  • Auto-reward with coupons, loyalty points, gift cards, etc.
  • Optimize customer satisfaction with tested reward offers
  • Support for global rewards
  • Tailor rewards per campaign for effective tracking
  • Implement advanced rules to curb low-quality referrals

Advocate Profiles

Extole helps effortlessly discover and engage key influencers. Harness the power of your best customers – the sharers and responders – using first-party and social network data to fuel your marketing campaigns.

  • Secure referral software offering precise segmentation and reporting for in-depth understanding of advocates
  • Real-time reports on top sharers, influential figures, and revenue drivers
  • Timely rewarding of the right advocates

Targeting and Testing

Extole enables you to customize rewards, content, and rules for distinct audience segments, effectively managing multiple programs simultaneously. Additionally, you can A/B test any element of your referral program using multiple variants within each program.

  • Assess performance by testing creative content, offers, and rules
  • Tailor experiences by assigning unique audiences to specific programs
  • Manage all programs and campaigns through a single, insightful dashboard

Advanced Capabilities

Extole provides advanced tools to amplify the reach and impact of your programs.

  • Bonus rewards for continuous advocacy
  • Tiered rewards to keep advocates engaged
  • Enable product-specific customer recommendations
  • Engage and reward influencers with complimentary Extole campaigns

APIs & Webhooks

Ensure a seamless and friction-free customer experience across all devices with our robust APIs and webhooks, making sharing and referring effortless.

  • Mobile-app ready marketing APIs
  • Integration with all smartphones and social platforms
  • Compatibility with app-tracking solutions
  • Consumer promotion and sharing via APIs
  • Full creative API for custom experiences
  • API-driven conversions and rewards

Make Customer Led Growth a Reality

Unlock the power of your customers’ engagement and advocacy today with Extole’s industry-leading expertise and technology.