Connect with your customers and your cause

With Extole’s easy-to-launch nomination programs, you can raise awareness of your cause, connect customers to the values of your brand, and engage with new audiences.

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Helping Heroes

Extole’s Nominate-A-Friend program gives your customers an opportunity to nominate someone who makes a difference in their lives or in their community. You can help your current customers feel connected to the values of your brand, raise awareness of your cause, and even reach a new audience. Allow customers to nominate an essential worker, an employee that has gone above and beyond, or a mom for Mother’s day, the programs are endless. When you give gifts to nominees, the nomination programs experience high levels of customer engagement. 

Engagement Beyond The Transaction

Particularly these days, connecting with your customers when they aren’t buying in ways that reflect your brand values is essential. There’s no better way to express your commitment to your community or to a cause than to allow a current customer to recognize a friend, colleague, or member of the community who matters to them.

Creating Personal Connections

With our highly configurable nomination programs, Extole gives you the power to show nominees exactly why they were nominated. By fostering this personal connection, your brand is part of a meaningful person-to-person interaction without being intrusive. It’s a great way to boost loyalty, drive engagement, and gain insight into important customer behaviors.

Make Customer Led Growth a Reality

Unlock the power of your customers’ engagement and advocacy today with Extole’s industry-leading expertise and technology.