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Customer-Led Growth for Banks & Credit Unions

Marketers at banks and credit unions know a personal recommendation is more powerful than any marketing message. For banks and credit unions, word-of-mouth is a long-established driver of powerful growth. We can help you build a modern, scalable, and secure customer-led growth program.

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Refer-a-Friend for New, High-Value Members

Financial decisions like choosing a bank, credit union, credit card, or investing platform are usually important. Unfortunately, it can also be difficult for the average person to evaluate their options. So, people often rely on the experiences of their friends and family. By encouraging your customers to make recommendations, your brand can become the obvious choice. unlocking an important source of new, high-value customers.

New Account Bonus Programs

Banks and Credit Unions commonly give a new account bonus to encourage new account openings. Those programs can be hard to manage, impossible change, and difficult to learn from. With Extole, we make changing copy, A/B testing reward amounts, and measuring the impact of new account bonuses simple and easy.


Security and Compliance

Referral programs are powerful but can introduce new security and compliance concerns. Starting with at-rest encryption and extending to thoroughly vetted organizational processes and procedures, we take privacy and security as seriously as you do. With experience working with other banks and credit unions like you, we have the experience to help you remain safe and compliant.

Financial Services Marketing: Maximize Referrals

Our guide will give you quick-win guidance for turning relationships with account holders into growth.

Customer Segmentation & Targeting

Your platinum card members should be treated and rewarded differently than your student card holders. All of our programs empower you to offer rewards and creative tailored to different customer segments. Extole can simultaneously target different experiences to specific audiences, localize languages, identify important segments of advocates, and reward different segments.

Fully Integrated Solution

Extole makes integrating customer-led growth programs easy and powerful with proven and fast approaches for desktop web, mobile web, mobile app, call center, and in-branch experiences. Plus, our dedicated team will be there for you through implementation, launch, and your ongoing success with Extole.

Quick Answers to Consumer Questions

Extole’s consumer financial solutions extend to your call center, with specific tools for customer service reps to quickly research and resolve customer inquiries about rewards. Also, you can equip them with unique promotional links and end-of-call messaging.

Make Customer Led Growth a Reality

Unlock the power of your customers’ engagement and advocacy today with Extole’s industry-leading expertise and technology.