Friends and Family

Limited-Access Campaigns: Empower your best customers with exclusive sharing and rich rewards!

With Extole’s Friends and Family programs, you get the power of promotion without being promotional! Give your A-Listers, your VIPs, and even your employees a revenue-driving, loyalty-inducing benefit.

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Elevate your brand with personalized experiences

Discover the power of Extole’s Friends and Family Programs, where you can elevate your brand by delivering personalized experiences and valuable rewards to your most loyal customers, A-Listers, VIPs, and even your employees.

Reward Your Best Customers

Celebrate your best customers with tailored benefits that make them feel special. Our targeted engagement approach ensures that your most engaged customers receive a personalized email, highlighting an exclusive reward they can enjoy. But the benefits don’t stop there.

Drive Revenue Growth and Acquire New Customers

By showcasing the exclusivity of the offer, you incentivize sharing among your customers and their friends. This not only boosts revenue from existing customers but also brings in new customers who begin their brand relationship on a highly positive note. Unlike traditional friends & family programs, Extole combines digital exclusivity to help you acquire great new customers.

Take Control of Rewards and Offers

Extole’s robust platform handles the distribution and tracking of all rewards, ensuring that recipients of your Friends and Family offers can share them with a select number of friends and family. With our user-friendly interface, you can easily set the sharing limits and create a beautiful consumer experience that encourages active participation from your top customers.

Gain Insights from Click to Conversion

Extole empowers you with comprehensive tracking capabilities, enabling you to measure the impact of your Friends and Family campaigns from clicks to conversions. You’ll gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of your campaigns and even measure the quality of acquired customers. Compared to your existing capabilities, Extole provides unmatched data and insights.

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Elevate your customer engagement with Extole's Friends and Family Programs. Reward your loyal customers, drive revenue, and track your success from click to conversion. Discover the difference Extole can make for your brand today!