Unleash Customer-Led Growth at Scale

Leverage your existing customers as your primary vehicle for awareness, acquisition, and activation.

Why Customer-Led Growth Now?

Customers are overwhelmingly driven by social cues, influencers, and referrals from friends and family. Yet brands dedicate most of their marketing budget to big tech social and search channels that are getting more expensive and less effective while increasingly disconnecting brands from their customers.

Activate Customer-Led Growth and boost customer acquisition with a measurable go-to-market strategy to grow your customer base with less customer acquisition cost (CAC) and higher long-term value (LTV) resulting in a strong LTV:CAC ratio.

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People Sell Products

Whether it is social proof, influence, or aspiration, the people around us inspire us to want and buy products. Tap into the enthusiasm and energy of your brand ambassadors and those they influence and inspire.

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Supercharge Your Customer-Led Growth Engine

Customer-Led Growth enables brands to influence, reward, and scale the behavior of your brand ambassadors. Sharing, referring, engaging, and using, are not new activites, your ability to encourage and show your gratitude at scale is!

Your customers are already a Customer-Led-Growth channel for you, Extole makes it actionable and measurable.


Customers drive most marketing — we drive it— what you buy, what you wear, what you read, what you own, and what you watch — is most certainly driven by a friend or someone you respect. And there is one group in the marketing ecosystem that doesn’t get respect or recognition, and it is the same group that’s driving almost all of it. So the mission at Extole is to recognize the power of the people.

Customer-Led Growth is Here to Stay

Customer-Led Growth companies are objectively more valuable. A new analytical approach called “earned growth rate” captures the revenue growth generated by returning customers and their referrals. Extole is built on six core principles of Customer-Led Growth.

Customer Activity

Make customer advocacy, engagement, and connection the desired goal and outcome of every marketing decision. This focus ensures you create active and engaged advocates

Permission First

CLG is rooted in our customers’ permission to connect. When we engage and reward customers, we create a two-way connection that builds strong long-term engagement


CLG forms meaningful connections to enable your customers to tell their authentic stories. Authentic stories about your authentic brand is the key to unlocking CLG

Customer Inclusion

Experience is not transactional, it is a two-way relationship between you and your customers driven by their affinity for you and your gratitude for their engagement

Customer Advocacy

CLG is more than a marketing strategy - it is a cultural cornerstone. CLG-driven organizations consider customer engagement in every decision, in every function, every time

Customer Segmentation

Segment and personalize customer experiences based on what the customer is willing to do, what delights them, and not just what they are willing to buy

Advocacy That Scales

Creating relationships at scale is difficult, especially without the right tools. Treating customers with a one-size fits all approach doesn’t make your customers feel special.

Build advocacy by understanding your customer segments and tailoring programs to their desires. By enabling Customer Led Growth strategies at scale, Extole it easy to implement a variety of programs customized to engage your customer advocates and drive measureable results.

Extole has influenced over $4 billion in revenue since 2014 — we know how to help you make CLG work for your brand.

We desperately needed a tool to assist in the automation of our referral program. Extole's platform did exactly that and more! Our evergreen referral program has generated high quality new members and with the addition of the concierge programs, we' ve been able to achieve our business development goals as well.

Make Customer Led Growth a Reality

Unlock the power of your customers’ engagement and advocacy today with Extole’s industry-leading expertise and technology.