Forrester Total Economic Impact™ of Extole

Upgrade to Extole and Boost ROI by 282% or more

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How To Use The Total Economic Impact™ Study

If you've always suspected your referral program could be doing better or if you've been considering one, Forrester Consulting has quantified the opportunity to the tune of $19.1M in incremental revenue over 3 years!

This commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Extole centers on the real-world experience of four Extole customers all of whom switched to Extole's customer growth platform. Forrester details the return on investment that your business will realize by using our technology to acquire new customers and better engage existing ones.

What You'll Learn

More Customers & More Customer Engagement

How Extole will help you double or triple the number of conversions from advocates who share your brand

Easy To Operate And Implement

Enjoy operational efficiency and immediate ROI thanks to Extole's services, flexibility, and automation

Higher Quality Customers, Less Fraud

Your brand will be protected from unqualified participation in referral, advocacy, and engagement programs.

Trusted by thousands of marketers building personalized Customer Engagement programs across every channel

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