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Customer-Led Growth for Retailers

People buy from people. With Extole, you can empower your existing customers to help you acquire new quality customers. From sophisticated referral programs and welcome offers to tools to equip your influencers, Extole helps turn your current shoppers into your strategic growth advantage.

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Acquire New Customers at Scale

Rely on the relationships you’ve built with your current customers to acquire new ones. Extole makes referral programs, influencer programs, and even gifting easy and scalable.

Create an Omnichannel Experience

Customers don’t follow a single path or connect on a single channel. To best engage current customers and discover new ones, your program needs to work perfectly on desktop, on mobile, in-app, and even in-store. Extole is built so that you always connect to moments when customers share the most.

Arm Your Influencers

Work with a influencers or an expert group?  Allow them to easily share across multiple platforms in just a few clicks. You can reward them and their audience plus provide the data that keeps them all informed and motivated.


Let Shoppers “Drop a Hint”

With Extole, you can let shoppers share gift ideas from your brand with their friends and family. These personalized gift suggestions are one of the strongest ways to drive sales. And by encouraging gift suggestions, your brand reaches prospects who may not know about you at all.


Let Customers Lead Your Growth

This Best Practices Guide will give you actionable guidance for converting existing customer relationships into new growth.

Match Your Brand

Extole includes a complete creative experience from sharing to reward to sharing again. Our creative sets make sure that every piece of content in the entire customer journey matches your brand consistently. Our platform, your program.

Generate In-Store Transactions

With Extole, rewards don’t have to be just online. Reflecting how your customers interact with your brand, Extole offers a unique site-to-store capability that lets customers use rewards in-store or online.

Create Insights with A/B Testing

With built-in A/B testing, you’ll know exactly how well changes work. Featuring easy test setup and variant creation, our A/B testing will help you generate the most results from your referral, rewards, and influencer programs.

Make Customer Led Growth a Reality

Unlock the power of your customers’ engagement and advocacy today with Extole’s industry-leading expertise and technology.