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Customer-Led Growth for FinTech Companies

From customer acquisition programs to retention programs, fintech marketers need an array of tools to attract new customers, deepen customer engagement, and prevent customer churn. Move customers from one point in their journey to the next with rewards and creative that compel action. From sophisticated referral programs to special offers and even abandonment programs, Extole helps turn your current members into your strategic growth advantage.

New, High-Value Customers

The decision to move to a new fintech product is a big one. The trusted recommendation of a current customer can help provide confidence in the decision. With a direct referral, your brand can become the obvious choice, unlocking new customers with a higher potential for long-term value.

Integration Flexibility with Complete APIs and SDKs

Build engaging and rewarding programs using the technologies you prefer. Extole offers complete APIs for headless implementations and fully custom user experiences and SDKs for organizations that want their speed, convenience, and power. 

Professional Services & Dedicated Support

To make the most of a referral program, access to experienced professional services with real-world fintech experience to help optimize your program. Best practices-based consulting, data analysis, creative services, technical services, program strategy, or support desk-level troubleshooting and issue investigation and resolution – all of it will help drive ROI. Extole has you covered.


Security and Compliance

Referral programs are powerful but can introduce new security and compliance concerns. Starting with at-rest encryption and extending to thoroughly vetted organizational processes and procedures, we take privacy and security as seriously as you do. With experience working with other fintech organizations like yours, we have the experience to help you remain safe and compliant.


Fintech Marketing: Maximize Referrals

Our Best Practices Guide will give you quick-win guidance for turning customer relationships into customer-led growth.

Customer Segmentation & Targeting

Not every customer is the same and are likely looking for different products based on life stage, income, geography, and many more factors.The best way to drive customer-led growth is to customize your experience based on your customer segments’ individualized interests. Extole can simultaneously target different experiences to specific audiences, localize languages, and reward different audiences to maximize results.

Completely Integrated Solution

We make the tech side of things easy. Our interface is intuitive and powerful, offering fast approaches for desktop web, mobile web, mobile app, call center, and in-branch experiences. Plus, our dedicated team will be there for you through implementation, launch, and your ongoing success with Extole.

Quick Answers to Consumer Questions

Our fintech solution extends to your call center, with specific tools for customer service reps to quickly research and resolve customer inquiries about rewards. Also, you can equip them with unique promotional links and end-of-call messaging to remind customers about the referral program.

Make Customer Led Growth a Reality

Unlock the power of your customers’ engagement and advocacy today with Extole’s industry-leading expertise and technology.