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RevZilla revs up holiday with their drop-a-hint program – and keeps going!

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Founded in 2007, RevZilla aims to bring the best possible shopping experience to motorcycle enthusiasts. RevZilla is an online retailer of all things motorcycle – from parts to gear to accessories. Now part of the Comoto Family of brands, they are headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Challenge

During peak, the RevZilla marketing team wanted to encourage customers to share their love for motorcycles with their friends and family, to do so in a pandemic-safe way, and to boost sales. The RevZilla ecommerce website had limited ways to encourage customers to share products, and most gifting solutions were a heavy technical lift. An easy-to-implement, easy-to-use, and simple gifting solution seemed like too much to ask for.

The Opportunity

An enthusiast brand, RevZilla always experiences increased holiday sales. But, the marketing team also knows that it can be challenging for a gift giver to shop specialty gear and equipment that may be unfamiliar. Making it easier for new customers to find the perfect gift for the riders in their lives would drive sales, deliver a delightful customer experience, and boost loyalty.

The Solution

RevZilla leveraged Extole’s Drop-a-Hint Referral Program. RevZilla turned to Extole and their "drop-a-hint" program. They were excited to boost their holiday sales and increase their customer acquisition by giving their customers a way to share their holiday gift ‘hints’ with friends and family. Drop-a-hint calls to action were easily placed on their product detail pages which natively power beautiful sharing by existing customers to potential gift-givers. Extole and RevZilla worked together to develop a gift-sharing button that could be added to the product detail page on their site. This simple call-to-action enabled any shopper to drop hints and share specific products, along with the specific make, model, color, and size, with their family and friends. The existing customer could send the perfect gift idea, and the gift giver could have a fast and worry-free holiday win.

The Result

The drop-a-hint program during holiday was such a huge success that the RevZilla marketing team kept the drop-a-hint CTAs on their product detail pages as an evergreen program where existing customers can give gift ideas for birthdays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Graduation, and more. The program generates thousands of gift suggestions and delivers a 20% conversion rate.

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