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Upgrading refer-a-friend to match different customer journeys

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Founded in 2014 and headquartered in New York City and Durham, North Carolina, Policygenius transforms the insurance journey for people, providing a one-stop platform to compare options from top insurance carriers, get unbiased expert advice, buy policies, and manage their insurance portfolio, in one seamless, integrated experience.

The Challenge

Policygenius was running a simple refer-a-friend program using a low-cost provider and not hitting their goals. They were off target chiefly because the previous provider was extremely limited and couldn't accommodate the different journeys of Policygenius customers. Policygenius needed to fit their programs into the providers configuration rather than the other way around. Policygenius offers various insurance products – including home, life, and auto. Customers follow a different process with different steps and milestones for each product. The one-size fits all limitations of their provider prevented Policygenius from creating programs that made sense for customers, that provided the insight necessary to optimize and scale, that adhered to insurance industry regulatory requirements, and that maximized the LTV:CAC benefits of customer-led growth.

The Opportunity

The Policygenius plans for growth powered by their existing customers started with referral programs that matched each of their product types. With creative that reflected the policy experience of both advocates and friends, reward triggers that matched appropriate journey milestones, and product and journey specific insights, Policygenius had the opportunity to couple a great referral experience with their already great insurance-buying experience. To execute at this scale and quality, Policygenius needed a more sophisticated referral provider – one capable of multi-product and multi-campaign support. One with the flexibility to offer rewards by product, by event, by segment, and by calendar. They wanted a platform that included comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities so they could unlock the power of their customer advocates and connect an essential acquisition and engagement channel with their other marketing technologies. The wanted a provider with the team and vision to extend their customer-led growth plans.

The Solution

Policygenius upgraded to Extole to create an industry-specific referral program that offered the scale and dynamism they required. The Extole team created a highly integrated referral program in which a customer can easily share Policygenius with a friend and receive a $50 or $100 reward (based on the insurance policy their friend purchases). For seamless tracking and management, Policygenius sends Extole journey-specific events – such as "completed underwriting" and "pending application" – to understand the full funnel, drive optimizations, and unlock insights that drive marketing initiatives beyond referral.

The Result

The Extole-powered refer-a-friend program for Policygenius resulted in massive success.

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