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Brunette the label drives growth with a sophisticated influencer program


Established in 2014 and operating out of Vancouver, Canada, Brunette The Label seeks to provide everyone with the best selection of comfortable yet fashionable loungewear – sweatsuits, hoodies, knitwear, and more.

The Challenge

Brunette the Label was running an influencer program with a different digital provider. However, they did not see the results they wanted. As a popular brand with a large roster of advocates and a heavy social media presence, Brunette the Label needed to manage multiple advocates at once. Their current platform made this difficult and held them back from operating at the scale they desired. The system was far too basic, essentially limited to data storage. It was a great deal of work to input information, and it wasn’t possible to customize their emails in a truly white-labeled way.

The Opportunity

Brunette The Label recognized the opportunity to further extend the reach of their brand and market to millions of potential customers – if they could implement a more powerful influencer program. The company knew that if they could find their most valuable customers and turn them into influencers, they could rapidly boost sales. In order to increase their influencer impact, they needed to be able to white-label their program so that their emails were fully branded in the Brunette the Label style. They also needed to drastically streamline how data was gathered, extracted, and viewed.

The Solution

Having seen success with their Extole-powered refer-a-friend program, Brunette The Label turned to Extole to help them create and launch a revamped influencer program. Extole created a fully tailored program for BtL, which included advanced capabilities allowing influencers to easily share discount codes across multiple platforms in just a few clicks. Influencers are now able to easily create and send personalized invitations and generate multi-use discount codes. Brunette The Label provides influencers with a percentage of the value of every successful purchase. The Extole platform tracks these purchases, issues influencer rewards via PayPal, and powers the performance reporting for their influencers. This regular and fully transparent reporting helps influencers understand their goals and drives engagement and enthusiasm.

The Result

Conversion Rate For Traffic From Influencer Program
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