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Go2Bank expands its reach with the refer-a-friend a/b test

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GO2bank is a digital bank that simplifies banking by enabling customers to affordably and quickly access, manage and move their money. GO2bank is the flagship digital bank of Green Dot, a financial technology and registered bank holding company that has serviced more than 33 million consumers in their 22 years of banking experience.

The Challenge

For any growing fintech company, referrals constitute a key stream of new revenue. GO2bank had a solid user base of current customers and wanted to help these customers refer their friends in the most effective way possible. The challenge? In order to maximize the number of new customers acquired thanks to the recommendations of existing customers, they need to make sure that they were not standing in the way of maximum sharing and that the top of the funnel of referrals was as wide as possible.

The Opportunity

The Extole platform offers sophisticated but easy-to-use A/B testing which is essential for maximizing acquisition through a referral program. GO2bank needed to determine which share experience drove the most activity from existing customers knowing that more advocates sharing with more people would result in more new customers. With A/B testing available through the Extole platform, they had the opportunity to generate empirical data on what type of advocate microsite would drive the most top-of-funnel engagement.

The Solution

With Extole, GO2bank was able to run a powerful A/B test of their Refer-a-Friend program. Using Extole's creative editing capabilities, they designed four variations of the advocate-sharing experience where current customers learn about the program and, ideally, share with friends. The four share experience variations took different approaches to imagery and copy.

The Result

Increased Share Rate On The Best-Performing Test Variation
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Increased Share Rate Since Evergreen Launch
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