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Abandoned Cart Email

An abandoned cart email has become a standard marketing tactic. When someone adds products to their cart but doesn’t checkout, there are a variety of solution providers who can send an email encouraging the shopper to come back and checkout.

Those emails often contain an incentive. Some of the innovations in the world of the abandoned cart email have been near real-time sends and abandoned cart sequences. And consumers have kept. They almost expect to get abandoned cart emails. With an event-based engagement platform, you have the opportunity to innovate further.

Triggered Events

Extole captures all the business events that matter to your brand and can even measure and act based on combinations of those events. So, cart abandonment could prompt more than a recap of cart contents and a call to action.

A/B Testing

Extole’s engagement campaigns consist of events, rewards, and offers, and creative. You can devise variants of a campaign like a cart abandonment that has different triggers, rewards, messaging, and even rules. As a result, you can optimize the experience with ease.

Profile-Based Targeting

Marketing programs can’t be the same for everyone anymore. When you can account for the preferences of customers, you can create more engagement, drive more action, and deliver more effective experiences. Extole gives you a powerful segmentation and targeting engine to power your engagement programs.

Learn more about how Extole’s engagement programs and platform capabilities can encourage your customers to share, to purchase, to participate, and to engage. Download our Best Practices Guide to learn more about the programs we offer or get in touch if you’d like to learn if we can help power other programs.

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