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B2B Referral Program

A B2B referral program is when your most satisfied customers recommend your service or product to their peers and ask a sales team member to reach out to their contact.

Extole, as your B2B referral program, is more than just sporadically emailing everyone on your contact list. Instead, it is a seamless and easy referral experience to create an ongoing stream of revenue from high quality advocate referrals.

When using Extole, you can expect to:

  • Build marketing around top advocates – Nothing does more than a core of enthusiastic and passionate customers promoting your products and services to their friends and family
  • Push referral early and often – Present referral opportunities early and often if you want your customer advocates to actually recommend your product
  • Make referrals happen everywhere – Advocates and friends use more than just mobile devices; let them engage on laptops, cell phones, and tablets to promote your business

Download the 2022 best practices guide to see how Extole can help you harness the power of your advocates word of mouth referral business.

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