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Best Refer A Friend Program

It seems everyday consumers are more and more comfortable sharing content recommendations, and adding comments or reviews to their social networks. But, does easy to use sharing capabilities lead to sufficiently driving the excitement around specific marketing initiatives like new product launches or promotions?

If you are looking for the best refer a friend program, you have found it with Extole. Extole’s goal is to let every customer become an advocate. By seamlessly integrating your referral program into your website and branding, you can test for the effective incentive balance and enable your advocates to easily share your brand and products.

Two things that Extole emphasizes for a successful referral program are:

  1. Mobile is a must –  The marketing battle for attention is won or lost on mobile. Referral programs need streamlined sharing and advocate codes that pass along easy
  2. Desktop giants – Play around with customization with desktop software. Create personalized postcards with referral codes, or refer-a-friend banners for your blog or tumblr page

Get started today by downloading our best practices referral guide and see how the best refer a friend program on the market can get you more referral business.

Get Started Today By Downloading Our Best Practices Referral Guide

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