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Best Referral Program

Referrals are an important part of a healthy sales pipeline. If done well, referral programs are not only more likely to convert sales, but also provide longer term value from multiple purchases.

With Extole, your customers can get rewarded for telling friends and family about your products. Word of mouth is the biggest driver of revenue growth, yet can be the hardest to measure.

Extole can help you measure metrics such as:

  1. Advocate click rate – Percentage of targets who click on a referral CTA
  2. Advocate conversion rate – Percentage of people who share a referral and became advocates
  3. Friend click rate – Percentage of people who click on the referral opportunity shared
  4. Friend conversion rate – Percentage of people who accept the referral and purchase

Let Extole show you how to run the best referral program out there.

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