The top 3 benefits of refer a friend marketing

Boost A Mobile Referral Program

Referral programs, especially those on mobile, all need a boost sometimes. After the initial roll out of a referral program, it’s not unusual for marketers to be underwhelmed with the number of their customers sharing their brand. And mobile engagement, with so much competition for attention inside of each customer’s pocket, is always hard to come by.

Here are a few tips to boost your mobile referral program:

1) Don’t limit your channels!
Mobile referral programs let your customers share wherever they are. But limiting your referral program just to mobile limits the amount of sharing and revenue for your brand! Drive sharing onsite, offline, via email, and through mobile to truly give your referral program the boost it needs

2) Easy to Find
Once your referral program is omnichannel, now it’s time to increase sharing everywhere, and in-app or mobile sharing is a common painpoint for brands. Extole’s best practices include where to promote your referral program on mobile to drive the most engagement and sharing. Clear and easy to find on the homepage is a good place to start. Order confirmation auto-pops is another high performing placement.

3) And another one…
Keeping your referral program locked behind a login or account can cause huge drop off for your referral program, especially on mobile. Open it up and leave it un-gated so that everyone who wants to share your brand can do so quickly and easily. More sharing equals more new, better customers for your brand.

Extole’s 2016 Referral Guide has even more great ways and examples on how you can boost your referral programs, on mobile, and everywhere else! Check it out.

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