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Brand Ambassador Campaigns

What are brand ambassador campaigns? Think of them as a new startup company. You need to create buzz and attention for your products and services. Kicking off brand ambassador campaigns can generate the attention needed to promote your business, at minimal cost.

Everyone would love to have a large marketing budget. Then you could design tv commercials and radio or social media ads that target everyone, all the time.  Customers would filter in by the sheer amount of publicity occurring. Average businesses do not have the financial means to orchestrate a marketing campaign like that.

Extole’s platform can do the work for you with a referral campaign by brand ambassadors that will:

  • Give away rewards to the advocate, the new customer, or both
  • Recognize super advocates with special promotions, social recognition, or VIP rewards
  • Optimize cross device referrals making sharing and accepting referrals seamless on any device

Referral marketing is not some kind of bribe to get current customers pumping in new ones. The best referral programs tap into the power of word of mouth and make advocates feel genuinely excited to share a product with their friends.

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