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Brand Ambassador Ideas

Brand ambassador ideas are not new concepts for marketing departments. Most companies have used a brand ambassador at one time or another. What is really needed though are new brand ambassador ideas to take advantage the new marketing channels available today.

Extole can step in and help you right away with the largest audience accessible to your business – social media. If done correctly, businesses can benefit from the positive contribution everyday customers make for a brand. The reviews of products and services, or the word of mouth referrals people can pass through social media is the best low cost marketing alternative for a company.

Extole allows your everyday consumers to be brand advocates by:

  1. Authentic Referrals – Raise brand awareness by encouraging customers to to recommend your brand to friends and family
  2. Reward Engine – The Extole reward engine automates incentives such as gift cards, loyalty points, coupon codes, or account credits, so that they are received immediately

Download the best practices guide today, and Extole can show you a closer look at more brand ambassador ideas.

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