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Brand Ambassador Marketing Strategy

You have decided that brand ambassadors are needed for your business. What do you do next? You need a brand ambassador marketing strategy to communicate with authentic fans who have the most power and influence. Everyone knows why advocates are needed, but how best is it to organize and manage?

Extole’s enterprise platform is setup to build a refer a friend program from which you can track and build referral business. Referral is the most authentic feeling marketing channel. This is because it taps into everyday conversation.

Three characteristics referral influence marketing does better than influencers themselves is:

  1. Expertise – Advocates couldn’t necessarily tell you the nuts and bolts of every product they recommend. But they definitely can tell you the value they got from the product
  2. Real conversations – When a friend recommends a product or shares a referral, they can have a conversation about it more easily than a fan and an influencer can
  3. Originality – Advocates are the ones coming up with messages when they share a referral, as it’s just normal conversation

The best brand ambassador marketing strategies consist of a referral rewards program laid out and transparent.

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