Why use brand ambassadors?

Brand Ambassador Program

A brand ambassador program is setup by companies where people are legitimately excited and willing to spread the word about their products and services. Businesses can structure a brand ambassador program with several goals in mind. Do you want to introduce your brand itself, launch a new product, or target a new consumer market?

With Extole you can turn regular customers into brand ambassadors. It is the personal recommendations that are often the more powerful way to boost sales. Brand ambassadors are a low cost alternative to using big marketing budgets to promote your company.

Using Extole to launch a brand ambassador program helps because of:

  • Expertise – Brand ambassadors tend to become experts on products and services they promote, therefore or more of a reliable referral
  • Real conversations – Brand ambassadors reach a wide audience and tend to have dialogue back and forth
  • Originality – Consumers know whether an ambassador actually uses and reviews products or is just being paid

Nothing feels more authentic than talking to a friend and hearing what they think of their latest purchase. Download our latest best practices guide and see how Extole can help you start a brand ambassador program.

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