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Brand Ambassador Programs Examples

Have you started analyzing  brand ambassador programs examples to start your own program, but want to know what makes these programs successful? How do you track progress and whether your program is working? Do I want to build meaning behind my product or just get word of mouth marketing?

Extole is the answer as we turn everyday customers into brand ambassadors. Every company has some sort of social presence, but it’s personal recommendations that can make or break your boost in sales.

Extole keeps track of word of mouth referrals by:

  1. Providing personalized referral sharing – Tap into customer trust by collecting user profile data
  2. Pinpointing super advocates – Segment your dynamic advocates by how much they share
  3. How customers describe your product – Consider the message users send to their friends about products and services
  4. Pushing advocates to the right channels – Take advantage where advocates are most active or have the most followers

Download the best practices referral guide now and Extole will help you get the best results for your referral program by personalizing each user.

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