Your brand is your promise

Brand Ambassador Software

Your brand is the promise you make to consumers beyond a great product. Finding a great brand ambassador software means you are looking for a platform that can portray what you ant your image to stand for.  Is it hardwork and dedication, or swagger and playfulness?

Referral is often considered an impersonal transaction. Marketing staff seem to think, “If I just offer a $5 discount, new customers will flock to my products from all the referrals”. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Referrals are the most personal kind of marketing because the are based on trust. I trust my friend when he says that restaurant has great sushi, therefore lets try it for dinner tonight.

With Extole as your brand ambassador software, you can:

  1. Make the referral message personal – Use brand ambassador personal email addresses, names or pictures
  2. Optimize cross device referrals – Make sharing and/or accepting a referral seamless on any device
  3. Make your referral program stay consistent with your company’s mission – If you project a set of values, highlight that and not just what you are giving away

The best brands keep their promises.

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