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Brand Sharing

Brand sharing is making sure your referral experience is on every marketing channel available. If your customer base is engaged, they most likely have a social media presence as well. The key is to give them a platform to share their positive experiences of the brand and drive new customer acquisition.

You need to look at your brand as a promise you make to customers beyond offering just a great product or service. Are you representing hard work and peak performance, or swagger and a cool “it” factor? How about your love for the environment and leaving the world a better place than you were here?

Extole can help accomplish all that with brand sharing that is:

  • In every creative piece of marketing
  • Across every asset
  • Everywhere you promote
  • Consistent with the look and feel of your image

Let Extole help you decide if you want to be everywhere on all media channels, or just find your niche of customers and have a steady stream of referral business.

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