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Business Referral Programs

Business referral programs are important to a company for survival. Companies need a steady, reliable stream of revenue to operate. Business referral programs offer a way to keep existing customers coming back with repeat business, while attracting new customers at the same time.

Referral programs take time to develop. Extole’s enterprise platform can lead you through the landscape of referral program startup and help build one to fit your unique needs.

When creating business referral programs with Extole some strategies to consider are:

  • Pushing referral early and often – Customers share positive experiences all the time, so give them the opportunity to do so for your benefit
  • Designing referrals to be easy and seamless –Designing is more than just looking nice; it’s keeping the steps to send and receive referrals easy
  • Making referrals happen everywhere –  Provide the freedom to both send and receive referrals on any mobile device
  • Giving personalized context – Putting your customers front and center lets them speak on your behalf

Referrals lead to more customers, who in turn become advocates and refer more customers is the ultimate goal.

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