Reward your customers for referrals

Cash For Referrals

When some refers new business to you, there’s an expectation that your company will provide some reciprocal reward. It’s human nature to reciprocate, and when the “thanks” end of the bargain is missing, it doesn’t feel right.

When your loyal and happy customers send you a prospect who becomes a new customers, reward them. Nothing says “thanks” quite like a positive addition to a customer’s wallet. Your reward can be cash or a cash equivalent or a discount or a credit.  Design the rewards part of your referral program with your customer in mind. While cash is always motivating for advocates, it isn’t the only option.

Extole can help your business grow with an easy to use referral program that helps you reward loyalty – using a reward that works for you and your advocates. Invest in your customer with Extole today:

  • A system to manage, issue, and protect your rewards
  • An array of reward options ranging from points and credits to discounts and even external rewards including open-loop and closed-loop gift cards and even cash equivalents
  • Program targeting to tailor your referral program to your audience with different messaging, rules & requirements, and even rewards

It’s time to incentivize referrals today with Extole.

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