For the successful cmo, marketing means growth

CMO, Marketing, and Growth

The span of responsibilities is broad for any CMO. Marketing in all its forms and flavors demands an array of skills. Increasingly those skills require a technical understanding, the ability to guide a team in the selection of good technology providers, and an understanding of a vendor’s vision and ability to execute on that strategy. These skills are critically important in a world characterized by security and regulatory considerations.

Built for global enterprises and emerging brands alike, Extole is the choice for CMO marketing initiatives involving advocacy, customer engagement, and new customer acquisition.

Enterprise Security

Extole regularly experiences and passes the security audits and reviews of the world’s biggest retail and financial services brands. With security built into every layer of our solution – from user management and logins to encryption and hardened APIs and more – you can have confidence in our platform.

Regulatory Considerations

With CCPA and GDPR facts of life (not to mention CANSPAM, CASL, and more), it’s critical that your technology providers both have capabilities that make compliance easy but that they appreciate and can adapt in a constantly evolving regulatory environment. Extole is unparalleled in our compliance understanding, features, and approach.

Scalability and Performance

Because Extole uses your owned media like your website traffic and your mobile app, we focus on our abilities to scale as you grow and to be highly performant. Moreover, scale means powering customer experiences in any language and locale. We are proud of our ability to localize every content experience we deliver to help our clients grow globally.

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