Aiming for a cmo role? Your current customers can help!

CMO Role

With fleeting loyalty, choices galore, and short attention spans, your current customers hold the keys to your success in a CMO role. That’s a daunting proposition and perhaps an explanation for why, in a world where we have vast customer data and insight, we still focus maniacally on new customer acquisition sources and transactions. But, overlook current customers at your brand’s peril.

Fortunately, Extole is a customer engagement platform that helps increase the involvement, loyalty, and impact of your current customers. With powerful sharing programs that offer motivating rewards, you can create a brand experience that respects that customers want and are willing to interact with you on more than a transactional level. The revenue impact of this approach, you’ll be glad to know, is also powerful. So, you’ll keep your current customers close, reach new customers, and drive revenue.



Turn word-of-mouth marketing into a scalable, reliable channel by making it compelling, engaging, and rewarding. Extole’s platform gives you an easy way to turn a moment of delight into a moment of advocacy. Your customers want to recommend you. You should let them do it whenever they want, reward them when it’s successful, and thank them constantly.



Your ability to keep your customers engaged is partially a function of speed. Successful CMOs have their fingers on the pulse of changing tastes, values, and market dynamics. But what you do next though usually has to happen pretty quickly. Extole’s platform makes helps you move as fast as possible. Rewarding is dynamic, creative is simple to update, new programs are easy to deploy, our services team is on speed dial. Fast doesn’t mean unmeasured. You still get the power of our insights into the performance of every aspect of any program so that your next move isn’t waiting for data on your last but is leveraging it.



From awareness to advocacy and all the customer lifecycle points in between, Extole has prebuilt programs that are designed to help you acquire, retain, and grow thanks to your existing customers. Welcome offer program, refer-a-friend, and influencer programs help you attract and convert new customers. Gifting programs, contests, and referrals help you retain your existing ones. Friends and Family and customer remarketing programs help you increase the LTV of and deepen your relationship with existing customers.


The CMO role is a demanding one. We want to partner with you to help you achieve your growth, engagement, and retention goals! Download our guide to learn more, chat with us now, or request a meeting today!

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