Content marketing is growing but do you know why?

Content Marketing Growth

Content marketing growth seems to be the wave of the future. But why? Content marketing is immensely effective, but many marketers do not understand how. Extole’s platform can help you build a referral program that turns everyday customers into advocates by using a refer a friend program. Where does Extole’s referral programs fit into content marketing growth.

A few things to consider why a refer a friend program is the way for better content marketing growth are:

  • Millions of consumers use ad blockers now – Paid advertisements do no good if they never reach their intended audience, while a referral is personal and is sent direct
  • Content produces brand recall – Personalized content engages consumers by introducing a positive loop that benefits both customer and company
  • Consumers spend an average of 37 seconds on articles – That does not leave much time for your paid advertisement to grab attention like a referral from family and friends will

A referral program is a better, low cost alternative to paying for advertisement.

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