Marketers are turning to customer engagement to drive conversion rate optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

In recent years, marketers have developed a better understanding of the importance of non-transactional conversions or micro-events along a customer journey. With that understanding, conversion rate optimization has evolved. No longer focused on your business’s macro event (conversion in retail, application in financial services, enrollment in online education), marketers are testing improvements to micro-events and focusing their personalization efforts more narrowly than ever before.

Extole, founded by conversion rate optimization pioneers, is designed at its core to improve the programs that our technology delivers. From refer-a-friend to influencer and friends and family programs, the performance and value of these highly engaging consumer experiences will increase thanks to Extole’s platform and services.

A/B Testing

Every aspect of an Extole-powered program can be tested and improved. From offer testing to business rules and every point in a referral funnel, our testing capabilities are both easy and powerful.

Event Tracking

Extole programs are based on a comprehensive event-based tracking system that not only measures major events but also the micro-events along a customer journey. Important for conversion rate optimization as well as program flexibility and customer insights, this event-based depiction of your customer journeys is a key to ongoing program, engagement, and revenue growth.

Services Team 

Our expert success managers help you understand and act on opportunities to optimize and grow your program. From test ideas and execution to new programs and campaigns, Extole is with you every step of the way.

Please connect with us to learn how we partner with companies like yours to build powerful customer engagement programs and take conversion rate optimization to the next level!

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