Use your credit union marketing budget to engage existing members, grow new members, and meet the demands of the digital era

Credit Union Marketing Budget

Increasingly, leading marketers in financial services are allocating the innovation portion of the credit union marketing budget to modernize a tried and true marketing tactic: refer-a-friend. Existing referral programs tend to be cumbersome, off-brand, and even paper-based.

As a result, they can be poorly adopted, impossible to measure, and ignored by marketing teams. But with the right referral marketing platform, credit unions can have a modern, mobile, scalable, and secure way to turn current members into new ones. And from a value or return perspective, few initiatives can rival referrals since they not only acquire new members, but they do it inexpensively while creating loyalty and engagement with existing ones.


Customizable Platform

Extole can quickly help you design and implement a program with a customer journey that meets the needs of our current members. Our platform supports capabilities for encouraging current customers to advocate for you with their friends & family whether they interact in-app, in-branch, in front of login, or in your secure space.


Inside Customer View

Depending, among other factors, on the value of a new customer and alternative offers, Extole will partner with you to create rewards and incentives that motivate your current members to share, their friends to sign up, and your team to market the program. Our platform measures every aspect of the program so that we can work together to optimize the referral experience. And, thanks to the unique capabilities of the Extole referral platform, offer changes (even short-term) are easy.


Industry-Wide Scalability 

Extole is focused on providing a secure and scalable refer-a-friend platform that mitigates the risks new technologies and technology providers can introduce. Our experience in powering programs for the world’s largest credit card companies, credit unions, and trading platforms is a testament to our commitment.

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