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Customer Acquisition Examples

Everyone loves the idea that you can grow your business on a small marketing budget. Low cost and even free marketing tactics grow your brand, your traffic, and eventually, your customer base. But where do you start?

Look no further than Extole for your customer acquisition examples. The first and best place to begin would be with digital tactics. Digital marketing is crucial for direct marketing and brand building. Extole can help you can determine how to use digital marketing to acquire customers.

A few leading digital tools Extole will help setup for you to acquire customers are:

  • Social media – Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
  • Email –  It seems obvious, but it is sometimes forgotten for it’s no to low cost advantages
  • Referral programs – Award coupons, loyalty points, or other incentives with low cost, as not only are you gaining new customers, but keeping existing ones

If your looking to add a steady stream of referral business for your company, download the best practices guide today and let Extole help you get started.

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