Thinking about quality, as well as quantity, for acquisition

Customer Acquisition Tools

Over the last few years, technology to drive customer acquisition has exploded. As businesses look to ensure they have the right marketing mix, it’s imperative to look at acquisition tools that drive quality just as much as quantity. The best marketing tools for customer acquisition provide value in both areas to ensure dollars are spent as effectively and efficiently as possible. Across retail, financial services, and consumer products referral marketing has consistently been the top-performing channel for quality and a top 3 opportunity for quantity.

Extole helps companies deliver programs to increase acquisition. Data across hundreds of customers have shown referral marketing outperforms other channels by 3-6x on conversion and 25% on LTV.

Included with Extole’s solution are the most sophisticated rules and quality engine to ensure you are acquiring the right new customers.

Extole’s reporting provides insights across the programs offered in the platform as well as how it compares to other marketing channels.

There are many choices when it comes to acquisition tools, but referrals (and by extension engagement) has proven to be a consistent driver for quality and quantity. Extole is unquestionably the leader in the space.

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