Word of mouth is the best form of marketing

Customer Referral Campaigns

Customer referral campaigns are simply working in an active and organized way toward a particular goal. It’s crucial to define not only your goals, but how best to incorporate digital tactics to achieve them.

Hitting marketing goals consistently month after month can seem challenging. Most marketers unfortunately overlook how customer referral campaigns help in acquiring new customers. Customer referral campaigns with Extole allow you to reach people you normally couldn’t due to price point or because they are not targeted by conventional marketing channels. It is still worth utilizing referral marketing even though most businesses do not hit huge viral growth numbers of companies like Paypal or Airbnb.

Key strategies for you to adopt with Extole are:

  • Push referral early and often – Place the referral program front and center as frequently as possible
  • An easy and seamless referral design – Enhance the referral process with no unnecessary hoops to jump through, just like talking to a friend
  • Drive referrals to happen everywhere – Enable customers to engage your brand on tablets, smart phones, and laptops

Download our best practices guide now and see how Extole can help you tap into the referral flywheel where referrals turn into conversions, which turn into advocates that send out more referrals.

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