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Customer Referral Marketing Program

A customer referral marketing program needs to be as unique as your customers. General marketing might increase traffic to a website, but to truly gain more business, and loyal customers, you need them tom come from a personal referral.

Extole’s enterprise platform can help you turn word of mouth dialogue, into actual business. Customers who come to you as a referral, are shown not only to make make multiple purchases over a long period of time, but will stay loyal over that same time as well.

When choosing Extole, you get a platform that provides:

  • Advocate Profiles – Build an advocate list just like a mass email list
  • On Brand Sharing – Create a referral experience tailored to your brand
  • API and Webhooks – Customers can share and convert anywhere
  • Reward Engine – Instant gratification with our automatic reward engine

Download the 2016 best practices guide today and let Extole help you better invest time and effort into your referral program.

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