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Customer Referral Marketing

Nothing beats customer referral marketing when it comes to results versus cost. A referral customer has a higher potential for loyalty and retention and best of all, comes at a much lower cost.

If you are looking for ways to build your revenue engines, let Extole show you how to leverage the power of our tools to take your referral program and team to the next level.

Using Extole’s platform allows you to focus your customer referral marketing on:

  • Active customers sharing actively – See which customers have purchased the most and/or if you have a loyalty program in place, see which members are the most engaged
  •  Cross section your biggest sharers – Find the overlap between members on social media and the most avid customers to gain a wider reach
  • Show those users how they can use referral to connect with friends – Show a chance to combine both sharing with friends and products they love

Referral marketing is the only marketing tactic that gives the ability to share awesome stuff with friends.

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